July 6, 2017

Treatment @ Homeocare International (HCI):

We at Homeocare International study each Infertility couple in detail clinically and homeopathically and advanced constitutional remedies according to their individual genetic constitution.

Constitutional approach, an accomplished method of selecting proper homoeopathic treatment for a variety of health issues ranging from common cold to a large variety of uncontrollable cases, especially all chronic diseases, in brief-“Homoeopathic approach is holistic as well as individualistic; holistic in the sense that the remedy is selected for the people as a whole, but not for individual diseased organs/parts; individualistic from the view point that each individual people is considered different from others, although all are suffering from the same disease.

Why Homeocare Infertility ?

  • Highest success rate of Infertility over 87%.
  • Strong team of Homeopathic clinical research in the field of Infertility.
  • ISO certified Homeopathic chain of clinics.
  • Vast clinical experience in treating Infertility cases through Homeopathy.
  • Around 30 yrs of clinical experience and expertise in treating Infertility cases.
  • Advanced, individualistic yet holistic genetic constitutional therapy.